1. This cat has quite a good perch, view-of-the-city wise.

  2. In the Boboli Gardens: Gerhard with the Crumbling Classical Mask (my name for it).

  3. Gerhard inspects a fountain at the top part of the hill that contains Boboli Gardens; in the distance you see a Tuscan castle.

  4. The blue faraway hills and the cherub.

  5. A typical Tuscan hillside, if a typical hillside includes a distant fortress. Once upon a time fortress.

  6. The Harvest (?)

  7. Cafe Chiuso. Cafe Closed. View from the Boboli Garen's cafe to the city of Florence and the hills beyond.

  8. A closer view of the view. Behind the tree on the right you can see the Duomo. The river Arno can be spied.

  9. A closer view of the city.

  10. From yet another vantage point - the city from Boboli, with the Duomo more visible, and even the bell tower.

  11. A view up the river. I'm not sure if the Florence haze is due from droplets of water in the air, or from pollution, or what. It is typically (in summer) very hot and relentlessly sunny, such that no one would voluntarily go and sit at a table in the sun at a cafe. People are very good at seeking out shade in Florence.

  12. To the far right, Vecchio Palazzo; Duomo and bell tower; and I want to say S. Maria Novella is the dome to the left, but I would have to temper that naming with a dose of caution. There are 10,000 churches in Florence, it seems, and they all confession on Saturday. Catholicism seems to exist in its own little sphere, in Italy.

  13. Gerhard strolling in front of what is probably the most extensive fountain/garden/island in Boboli.

  14. An impressive water deity of some sort. Or mythical representation of same.

  15. Bacchus in his garden.

  16. Bacchus closeup on his turtle.

  17. More Bacchus!

  18. The Photographer has gone silly. This is the menu of the cafe across from Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens, where Gerhard and I consumed I think a couple liters of water and mezzo rosso, to recover from the hiking up and down in the sunny heat.

  19. The Cafe Pitti's menu is a carefully rendered (oil? watercolor? I think oil) painting of some of the luscious things you can order. I was impressed at this loving touch.

  20. S. Maria Novella, near the train station.

  21. Pigeons perch on the turth perched precariously in between two crumbling columns.

  22. Gerhard and I discoverd a great restaurant on S. Maria Novella Piazza. The sparkling water was deliverd in a unique bottle.

  23. Hotel Casci's Internet connection, or, how I sent all that email. There is a shelf of free books to trade, and a full bar (including espresso) in the back. A couple tables with chairs round out this sitting room.

  24. This ten-year-old girl was AOL Instant Messaging some friendds at home who were apparently up. It's getting late here in Italy.

  25. We found another great restaurant, our search hampered by the rain and our new lousy umbrellas! This place was a find. I got the Florentine pancake, a sort of crepe over ricotta and spinach - superb. The restaurant is oddly enough built inside a previous church, and sports interesting mosaics on the walls.

  26. The roof of our restaurant.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: August 30, 2004