Lara at 5, or 5 1/2, weeks

Only parents make this distinction between "5" and "5 1/2" weeks. I honor this, but I have no idea which of the photos below show Lara at a mere 5 weeks, and which show her at a full-blown 5 1/2 weeks. You be the judge. Let's put it this way. I received the photos on June 22, 2004 and she was born on May 12, 2004; there you have the lower and upper boundaries. Put that in your PDA and calculate away!

  1. Her mother explicitly labeled this one "5.5 weeks." You can see the maturity, the subtle concentration on the question, is it better for the country to fall fast (W.) or slowly (Kerry) ?

  2. Is she sleepy, or just shy of the camera, after all these lightbulb flashes? I think she's out for the count.

  3. Now here Lara is clearly mugging for the camera. Sleepy, my foot.

  4. The most incredible transformation happened between weeks 3 and 5 - Lara started to smile. Here you can see her smiling at the camera since she knows the picture will be sent to Auntie M.

  5. The smiling Lara has figured out if she smiles, they (we) will all do exactly what she wants ... even better than crying ...

  6. Is it elation, or perhaps a touch of fear, as she is hurled up into the air?

  7. Lara is back in command.

  8. As if the smiling isn't enough ... Lara wrests control of our hearts by laughing!

  9. Now here you can definitely discern from her serious expression that she really wants to burst into the alto part for Mozart's "Ave Verum Corpus."

  10. "I might be reclining, and you might be changing my diaper, but I am alert, and I will let you know if anything should go amiss."

  11. "The indignity of it all. Can't a girl get any privacy? What am I, a Pampers commercial?"

  12. Papa has aged a bit in the past 5 1/2 weeks.

  13. Grandpa's Girl.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: June 23, 2004, a high summer's day - long and sunny summer to you all!