La Selva, March 12 and March 17, 2004

  1. Caroline and Mano, our lovebirds.

  2. Lia would prefer I didn't focus on her.

  3. Mary Jane moved from Seattle back home to Palo Alto last year, and she's glad of it.

  4. Michael's an alum, he's been dropping by La Selva for a few years.

  5. Dave is also camera shy but he has such a nice smile!

  6. I know Matthew from way back when ... he was living in the apartments when I moved into La Selva. He's back in the apartments now, with a great haircut and his sparkling grin.

  7. Caroline checks out the texture of Matthew's new haircut. Note iPod.

  8. Caroline is too much. Also beautiful and happy.

  9. Caroline is a fantastic pianist. This is the front room at La Selva that doubles as computer center and piano home.

  10. Out back after dinner having a smoke: Caroline and Michael.

  11. I guess it's just too tempting to try to capture Caroline and Mano's flirtation.

  12. Sweet Emily, 19.

  13. My counselor Barbara - she's been meeting with me every week since September, 2002.

  14. Jenny is starting vacation today!

  15. Mano is talking to his six-year-old daughter on his cell.

  16. Meanwhile, Caroline is back at the piano ...

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: March 17, 2004