Getting to Yelapa: December 16-19

  1. I missed the last boat-taxi out to Yelapa (island) from Puerto Vallarta, so I had to pay $100 US for a private express. Let me tell you, this kid powered his boat at full rpm. We were bouncing up and down on the waves like nothing. I was glad when the 45 minute ride ended, and I could jump out into the surf and stagger up to my hotel on the beach.

  2. Pretty much what the coast south of Puerto Vallarta looks like. Mucho condo. Time share?

  3. The first of two rooms I stayed in at Hotel Lagunita on Yelapa. I was "upgraded" to this spacious room but I whined that I had reserved a thatched hut on the beach, so good ol' Lucas transfered me to the hut on the beach in a few days.

  4. Dinner my first night at the restaurant attached to Hotel Lagunita. It was quite good.

  5. The view from my (first) room.

  6. Right outside my room (which actually was a self-contained little cottage) is the pool. Kids did delight in it.

  7. To wit ... this is the cottage that was my first room.

  8. Another view out my room.

  9. I understand not everyone takes pictures of the shower. But I'm telling you. You look out at the ocean. Careful observers will note the Aveda bottles.

  10. If the beach at this cove in Yelapa isn't perfect, I don't know what is.

  11. This picture is for Ryan.

  12. Looking the other way down the beach.

  13. After I took this picture of the iguana, this guy told me people pay to take pictures of it. I just laughed my head off and said "That's not fair!" I'm not a stingy person but I didn't feel compelled to pay him for the pleasure.

  14. Yet another beach shot.

  15. In front of my cottage (first room) and just beyond the pool, there was a platform with a few chairs, perched a bit above the rocks and the ocean.

  16. The crocodile above the pool sometimes spews out fountains of cool water.

  17. This is my view as I sit in a blue canvas chair under the shade of a thatched roof. These are Hotel Lagunita chairs. Once in a great while (like, once every hour or two), a waitress might inquire if you'd like anything. I highly recommend the banana daiquiri made with fresh banana.

  18. A rather mundane view of the beachfront of Hotel Lagunita.

  19. My second room is the thatched hut in the center. Now is that cute or what.

  20. Every day is beach day.

  21. The inside of my second hut.

  22. The view from the doorway of my second room.

  23. The sunset from the doorway of my second room.

  24. I came into my hut one day and found a surprise roommate on the second bed. I thought it was interesting the cat knew to go to the unused bed.

  25. A closeup of my new pal. I am not sure how she got in, but I suppose a thatched hut cottage isn't that big of a challenge for a cat.

Marianne Mueller
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