Hello Mexico: December 9-11

  1. The view from my window in Mosquito Blue hotel, Playa del Carmen, Yucatan (on the Atlantic, an hour south of Cancun. I spent my first week here.)

  2. The hotel has a lovely second floor veranda with comfy couches, and thankfully shaded as mid-day in the sun it's almost too hot and sunny to be in the sun.

  3. The beach is a block away. There are innumerable beach chairs and umbrellas, put up by hopeful restaurants and bars. The water is warm.

  4. I thought the fake lighthouse (part of a restaurant) was cute. Also good marker for when I wander up and down the beach. The thatched roof huts and bars are very common.

  5. Kids have no patience for this lounging in the sun, but instead get to work.

  6. The view from a bit south, looking back up towards my lighthouse.

  7. Another view of the veranda.

  8. The two-story veranda of the hotel Mosquito Blue, as seen from one of the two pools.

  9. You can get married on the beach.

  10. A view from a bit north, this time, looking down towards the lighthouse. The thatched roofs over beach chairs are common.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: January 3, 2005