MCM = 1900 = Michael Charles Mueller!

Michael's initials translate into his email address, ...

    May 21, 2004:

  1. Mike attends a geophysical conference, where he is giving a paper on a very complicated topic concerning how to find stuff underground. To be more precise, he's at the Houston Geophysical Society luncheon, working the crowd, er that is, enjoying lunch. Mike co-authored the paper that was presented at the luncheon by his colleague Dan Ebrom. The talk is titled, "Pore pressure prediction from S-wave, C-wave, and P-wave velocities." (

    May 10, 2004: Mike rides several hundred miles in the Texas heat to raise money for multiple schlerosis research.

  2. Mike at a water break.

  3. Part of the BP team. Hey Mike, how come they didn't give you a groovy BP jersey?! Mike is furthest to the right (in the photo, not in Texas politics ...)

  4. The BP team takes a sit-down snack and water break. Mike is the one in the middle, in the yellow shirt.

Marianne Mueller
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