The Day Before Thanksgiving

  1. Rachel and Ryan get psyched for cards.

  2. Baby Nimbus.

  3. Hey, Charles, don't talk with your mouth full! (Sorry for lack of filial piety there.) Aunt Eileen, Charles' younger sister, younger by ten years, sits on the right.

  4. Baby Yoga - this is the toe-eating pose.

  5. Lara and Aunt Linda bounce on the bed.

  6. Lara uses her new sitting technique to examine some toys.

  7. Lara is the smiling-est baby.

  8. Two philosophers.

  9. Baby in motion - and cousin Rachel.

  10. Rachel is quite at ease!

  11. A new food-delivery-toy: food goes inside the blue mesh, and Lara sucks on it. She'll eat banana this way, but refuses it otherwise. We put some ice in the blue mesh to see her reaction.

  12. Lara is withholding judgment.

  13. In the dim background, to the right, Michael (father to Ryan) looks in the picture like he's the Angel of Conscience sitting on the poor teenager's shoulder! Ryan is 14.

  14. It's miraculous to me how babies will look right into the camera! They sense its eye.

  15. Linda nuzzles Lara. At this point I think Lara does have some actual food in her little blue mesh.

  16. Gearing up for the card games.

  17. Card shark shuffles the deck.

  18. Rachel nets 4 aces! Not on the hand she dealt, we have to admit. We taught Pinochle to Rachel and Ryan.

  19. Uncle Gary needs Ryan to help him rub down the two turkeys with cajun seasonings.

  20. Ryan begins a tad tentatively ...

  21. ...but soon gets into the spirit of dunking and sifting. No idea why Rachel is pulling the table.

  22. Ryan spoons the spices over the turkey. Note: Ryan also prepared the large bowl of spices, earlier in the day.

  23. Serious business.

  24. The denouement: Ryan drops the seasoned bird into the plastic bag that Uncle Gary holds. Then the bird sits and seasons itself in the fridge until the moment of deep-frying arrives.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: November 25, 2004