Thanksgiving Day

  1. Lara might be noticing something good on TV.

  2. Lara obligingly looks cute for the camera.

  3. The beginning of the trademark smile.

  4. Rachel speed-dialing.

  5. Grandpa/Dad/Charlie and Great-aunt/Aunt/Eileen.

  6. Little kewpie is ready for the new day.

  7. The bakers show off the fruit of their efforts: Vanilla Kipferl.

  8. Little red-faced one objects to the procedure. It's necessary, we assure her.

  9. Rachel and Ryan in the living room.

  10. They inspect Rachel's new digital camera.

  11. Lara sleeps in Grandpa's arms.

  12. Heavy-lidded Lara.

  13. Kathi examines an avocado. We decide it isn't ripe enough for quacamomle today.

  14. Kathi and Lara and I wait to cross the pseudo-freeway that's inbetween Linda's house and the Winn-Dixie supermarket.

  15. Three siblings, a husband and a baby! Linda, Rainer, Kathi, Lara, Mike.

  16. Linda rocks Lara.

  17. The detritus of lunch. And we're going to eat Thanksgiving dinner in a few hours?!

  18. A wet Lara in the bath.

  19. Boy in Blue holds Baby in Pink. Uncle Mike looks suitably somber.

  20. The first of two turkeys has emerged from the hot peanut oil deep-fryer.

  21. Randomness reigns in the side yard. The hot fire feels good in the cool late afternoon air.

  22. Grandpa/Dad/Charlie carves the first turkey.

  23. The deep-fry crew: Kathi, Gary, Rainer.

  24. Mike mugs for the camera.

  25. Ryan prepares yummy sweet potatoes.

  26. Ryan and Rachel at the set table.

  27. A closer view! Ryan is indub itably tall.

  28. 51 years of sharing Thanksgiving together - and counting -

  29. The crowd exiled at the breakfast bar (only 8 fit at the table, and we were 11.)

  30. Thanksgiving dinner.

  31. Great-aunt Eileen and little niece Lara.

  32. The hostess with the mostest - Linda - with Mom and Dad.

  33. Lara is learning to play peek-a-boo with a cloth.

  34. The sweetest baby in the world, and we are all thankful she is here with us this year, and that everything is going fine.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: November 25, 2004