Thanksgiving and beyond: Thursday evening to Sunday

    Thanksgiving evening:

  1. Aunt Linda and Ryan die laughing during a Pictionary moment.

  2. Dad contemplatively adds woods shavings from Gary's shop floor to our bonfire.

  3. The Thanksgiving moon.

  4. Grandpa cradles the well-bundled Lara.

  5. Rainer has an uncanny ability to close his eyes when the camera looks at him. It has nothing to do with Gary's soliloquy.

  6. It IS a little chilly, which is why the fire feels so nice.

    Friday, November 26:

  7. Kathi is all dressed proper for their flight back to New York in a couple hours.

  8. Linda imparts some final wisdom to Lara.

  9. Linda is a great one for playing with Lara.

  10. Lara always stares straight back into the camera.

    Sunday, November 28:

  11. Dad stands with his completed project: he attached 3 lights (that operate on a timer) to the brick well, so that at night when people are backing out of the driveway they won't run into it!

  12. Gary daubs something or other on the wood of the canoe, to seal it.

  13. It is tedious work.

  14. The long view.

  15. And one mo' agin.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: November 28, 2004