Yosemite work week: Jerry's pictures from Monday, July 12, 2004

  1. A flower sacrificed to Science.

  2. The sun-dappled forest.

  3. And again.

  4. The water mirrors the forest and sky.

  5. It seems the forest could fold in on itself.

  6. A pathway leads into the forest.

  7. Possibly a picture of our friend the rare plane Hulsea Brevifloria, but the small yellow flower is hard to spot.

  8. A budding tree?

  9. Looks like a perfect swimming spot.

  10. A closer look at the refreshing waters.

  11. And again.

  12. The granite stone face peeks from behind the trees.

  13. "AREA CLOSED: Restoration in Progress" - not our place of work but another project.

  14. The dense black of the forest contrasts with the bright sun of the meadow.

  15. What a group of mustard-pickers looks like. We swept the meadow, in full blaring sun, and yanked up any mustard plants (or mullins) and stuffed them in our big garbage bag. I suspect they don't want to put the exotics on any compost.

  16. Noreen stands with eagle eyes, and Barbara marches on.

  17. The culprit.

  18. We drove up to the top of the Mariposa Grove area for our afternoon's search for Hulsea. This was the view looking down towards Wawona. The cleared area is the Wawona Golf Course.

  19. Another view from our lunch spot.

  20. Hulsea brevifloria, the rare plant we searched for on Monday, and on some other days. We combed most of the Mariposa Grove, it seems.

  21. The yellow flower, Hulsea brevifloria, is the rare plant we searched for on Monday. We only observed it in this one monster patch in the Mariposa grove.

  22. Standing inside a hollowed-out giant Sequoia, looking upwards at a patch of sky.

  23. Our group crowds inside the giant tree.

  24. What a car looks like when a dried-out, old, dead tree suddenly decides to topple over onto the road leading into the Wawona campground. No one was hurt.

  25. From the side, the car doesn't look like a total wreck, but I imagine the insurance company will total it.

  26. The culprit lies innocently, while our Park Service leader Noreen radios for help.

  27. The tree hardly looks big enough to have caused such devastation. Noreen said that the Park Service, or DNC, or someone, should have weeded out the dead tree that was listing so precariously next to the road.

  28. This one is destined for camp fires, or, compost.

  29. This view of the tree reveals it really is plenty big enough to cause damage.

  30. The stump of the killer tree.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: July 22, 2004