Yosemite work week: Jerry's pictures from Tuesday evening, July 13, 2004

  1. Beth, VP of Yosemite Association, the nonprofit that organized this work week.

  2. Everyone milling about before the gala dinner. The tiny woman in the center is 89-year-old Celia who was born in Ideal Hospital, Endicott, NY - same as me!

  3. Noreen (our fearless leader) has the license plate FORESTA. She lives in Foresta, a community inside the park.

  4. More milling about.

  5. The dinner pans are ready and waiting.

  6. Kate is seated, and to her left is Noreen, our fearless leader!

  7. The gentleman turned half-way round is from Delaware North Corporation, the concessionaire that runs the campsights, the hotels, the stores, the restaurants. One gets the feeling they make quite a profit. I think they officially deny that.

  8. Don, Theresa, and Verle talk to the DNC guy.

  9. Rose confers with Noreen.

  10. Group shot.

  11. A genteel (plastic) glass of wine.

  12. Barbara illustrates a point.

  13. Michael, our Yosemite Institute cook and campsite host.

  14. And now from the front!

  15. Ann (we carpooled together from Palo Alto.)

  16. (Urgh) Help me with this peopl e - is she from Yosemite Association also? I know that's her busy little boy.

  17. Left to right: Belinda, Rose and Barbara.

  18. Our man from DNC.

  19. Celia (talking to me.)

  20. Beth from YA.

  21. The little boy is working the grounds.

  22. Recommended reading: "Field Guide to Invasive Non-Native Weeds of Mariposa, Madera and Fresno Counties." Put out by the Sierra-San Joaquin Noxious Weed Alliance.

  23. A wry moment.

  24. The two YA damsels.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: July 22, 2004