Greek Easter

George and Judy Marcus invite hundreds of people to their home each year to celebrate Greek Easter (it's a somewhat complicated history, but basically, the Orthodox churches calculate the date of Easter in the same way that the Jewish people calculate Passover, so that Greek Easter falls after Passover. Recall that the Last Supper was a Passover Seder.) My friend Mary Jane is their daughter, and she's invited me to this wonderful party for two years running.

  1. We've just arrived but we run into Mary Jane right away! Left to right: Page, Bhavana, Mary Jane, Jorge. Page is carrying triplets! Two girls and a boy, due in September.

  2. The pink art-deco bar, illuminated with the names of the four Marcus children: Mary Jane, Demetra, Alexandria, John.

  3. The new outdoor wood-fired pizza oven. The pizzas were wonderful!

  4. Ted Laliotis, a good friend from the Asilomar workshop, is one of the hardworking lamb chop grillers. His apron reads "Xristos Anesti", Christ is Risen.

  5. Chris and Jorge only nibble at appetizers.

  6. To the right, waterfall; to the left, a lamb rotating on a spit.

  7. Two of the members of the fantastic band, Mediterranean Soul,

  8. Two of the three lambs on spits.

  9. Just a few marinated lamp chops. These are the best lamb chops I have ever been privileged to indulge in.

  10. The third lamb, and more lamb chops. We happily devoured the lamb chops as appetizers in the early part of the afternoon.

  11. The kids had a great time on the tennis and basketball courts.

  12. Hundreds of red eggs, delicious coiled egg breads, and two enormous chocolate bunnies ... who will come to a grisly end ...

  13. The table groans under the weight of dozens of desserts -- guests were asked to bring their favorite dessert.

  14. I think this is a perfect shot of Mary Jane's insouciance!

  15. Mary Jane's mother, Judy, is on the right - admittedly, this is not the greatest shot. But she has very cool sunglasses.

  16. Quite a few kids have jumped in the pool.

  17. Circle dance! Be forewarned, there are a lot of these pictures.

  18. More dancing!

  19. Sophie is in the middle.

  20. Ted is a great singer!

  21. George (our host) calls us to order prior to the blessing and the main meal. In back are his wife Judy and two of his daughters, Demetra and Alexandria.

  22. Judy adds a few words, and Father queues up.

  23. A little girl discovers a side pool.

  24. Now I forget what the 3 boys were up to.

  25. The moment has come. After the meal, it is now time for the ceremonial hurling of the chocolate bunny from a tall height. Kids swoop in to gather the broken chocolate pieces.

  26. The anxious crowd. The bunnies will fall on the blue tarps.

  27. The bunny is lifted to the top of the playground structure.

  28. There she goes!

  29. The coup de grace - the Marcus girls have at the chocolate pieces with baseball bats (before the kids are let loose.)

  30. Go Mary Jane!

  31. I warned you. There are still more pictures of dancing to come.

  32. You were warned.

  33. And again.

  34. A better editor than I would cull these pictures. I love them.

  35. Ted sings a duet.

  36. George coaxes Jorge behind the mike.

  37. Jorge readies for the big moment.

  38. She looks (rightly) skeptical.

  39. The duet is underway.

  40. I don't even want to know what's going on here!

  41. George acknowledges the unique strains put forth by the previous singing group.

  42. One last shot of Ted, who really has a beautiful voice. And he knows all the lyrics in Greek.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: May 1, 2005