Lara's First Birthday - May 12-13, 2005, second batch

The second batch of photos from May 12-13. Let's be frank. I left my camera battery in California, plugged into the wall (I was recharging it prior to coming to New York.) I bought a new battery at Radio Shack, which took quite a few pictures before conking out. So from here on out, I'm using Kathi's camera.

I will add "camera battery" to my list of things to pack. (I do actually pack according to a list.)

  1. Lara shows off her new summer swimsuit, a week before her birthday. (This and the next photo were just sitting around on Kathi's camera.)

  2. One mo' again!

  3. Lara greets one of Marianne's pieces of luggage. This particular piece of luggage is California Imports for Clifton Park: Marianne's meat slicer that was sitting unused in her storage locker, and a couple dozen bags of dried cranberries from Trader Joe's for Gerhard Koeniger.

  4. Lara's favorite way to play is to give something to someone, and then have that person give it back. This reminds me of Eeyore in Winnie-the-Pooh.

  5. Lara still practices quality control on the pieces she hands back and forth.

  6. Flying Baby! Super Baby!

  7. Anna is the neighbor across he street - in her backyard is a wonderful kid's gym, complete with baby swing. Lara loves this swing.

  8. There she goes ...

  9. At the top!

  10. On the way back down.

  11. The big picture of the playset.

  12. Dad, Grandpa and Lara. You can see Rainer's just got home from work as he's still wearing his GE badge.

  13. Anna takes Lara down the slide any number of times - Lara loves it.

  14. Grandma and Lara.

  15. Marianne attempts to feed Lara. (I hasten to add, this is a terrible shot of my hair. I am not actually going bald yet.)

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: May 15, 2005