Lara's First Birthday - May 12-13, 2005

  1. Kathi and Lara say hi.

  2. The baby in pink is never still.

  3. She scoots around on her hands and knees, but is only starting to experiment with walking.

  4. Lara relaxes on Grandpa's leg.

  5. Lara blinks at the flash.

  6. /The opera singer (soprano.)

  7. Lara is impressed by Marianne's red shoe.

  8. Lara grimaces as Grandpa tickles her.

  9. Momma's helper works with the vacuum cleaner.

  10. Yogurt break. And for Grandma in the background - email break.

  11. Lara wonders what Mama finds hilarious. It's just yogurt, Mom.

  12. Lara joins in the laughing.

  13. A perfect little kewpie doll, she is. Rainer is home from his late-afternoon business meeting on May 12 - his birthday and Lara's birthday.

  14. The family!

  15. Rainer slices into his chocolate cake.

  16. Rainer opens birthday presents.

  17. Ah. Now we've hit pay dirt. The blood pressure meter.

  18. Rainer is delighted with his blood pressure reading.

  19. This is serious business.

  20. No one breathe. Dad is checkig his blood pressure. (Good news: it's average/low.)

  21. Kathi confidently tests her blood pressure. Also average/low.

  22. Lara thinks the concept of after-dinner blood-pressure tests is quite funny.

  23. Lara loves to stand up at this toy. She also reflexively blinks at the camera flash.

  24. Lara is working out, preparatory to walking!

  25. Grandma/Mom/Lotte in the sun.

  26. Eating is hard work.

  27. Lara drinks juice (much diluted with water) happily.

  28. Lara takes a nap in Grandpa's arms. Grandpa tries hard to stay awake himself.

  29. Who's the happier?

  30. Lara and a little friend both happily stand at the stranded UFOs for, oh, minutes at a time.

  31. Lunchtime!

  32. Lara is a cricket up the stairs. Any time the stair-barrier isn't in place, she scoots on over and starts climbing up the stairs.

  33. Grandpa and Lara play with plastic clothespins and little plastic fishes. Lara tests everything by putting it in her mouth.

  34. Lara quite approves of this new method of transport.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: May 15, 2005