Lara's First Birthday - Saturday, May 14

  1. Lara eats orange food.

  2. Ol' blue eyes.

  3. This is the beginning of the Cheese Sequence. Here we have Lara contemplatively munching on cheese.

  4. Lara finds that it's best to smear the cheese into the table before eating it.

  5. The Cheese Sequence, Frame Three.

  6. On Saturday afternoon, Lara opened presents from the family. Here she's opening fridge magnets from Marianne. You can tell since Marianne uses "wallpaper" wrapping paper.

  7. Lara immediately breaks out into song: "A, B, C, D, E, F, G ..."

  8. Lara is most in love with the curly ribbons on the present from Linda.

  9. Lara turns from the onesies that Linda sent, to the paper that needs more ripping.

  10. A hat temporarily alights on Lara's head - temporarily, until she snatches it off.

  11. Lara returns to the pressing problem of the curly ribbon.

  12. Lara is very excited about the contraption that you hit with a wooden mallet (from Christian and Gill and co.?)

  13. The lego blocks from Mike and Peggie are a huge hit.

  14. Lara experiments with lego-building.

  15. Lara loves this business of pounding the wooden balls with the wooden mallet.

  16. Lara pauses in her mallet-wielding.

  17. Rainer realizes he's the one who has to put together the new little scooter.

  18. Kathi is enamored with the talking-fridge-magnet-barnyard-set. You put the little animal in the barn, and the barn (an RFID reader) tells you what animal it is. If anyone wants to hear me talk incessantly about RFID and how it works ... just ask. I recently did a talk on this topic at a computer workshop. My slides are at

  19. Grandpa/Dad/Charlie is building a lego castle. Lara is not that impressed.

  20. Grandpa/Dad/Charlie used up all the legos, and so when the big plastic box was empty, he put it over his head, to amuse Lara. I'm not sure she noticed, but I was laughing my head off!

  21. Lara has a new phone technique. She bangs the handset on her forehead.

  22. Lara admires her new soft leather bound-by-elastic shoes brought all the way from California by Aunt Marianne. She actually wore the shoes all afternoon.

  23. Rainer consults directions. When all was said and done, and the scooter was put together, there were 3 leftover pieces. But the scooter works perfectly.

  24. We have evidence!

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: May 15, 2005