` Space and Shape Traveler Lara

Space and Shape Traveler Lara

First Lara flies to Germany to hobnob with cousins and grandparents. Then she takes on the persona of a lion to frighten the neighbors, come Halloween.

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  1. Riding with Helena.

  2. Chasing Frieda, the cat!

  3. Talking with Agnes. (What do two 17-month-olds say to each other?)

  4. "Yo, Moms, we want to know - whose cookie is this?"

  5. Big hugs.

  6. The hugging never stops.

  7. Strolling with Daddy.

  8. Oma and Opa with the little sprout Lara.

  9. Driving Miss Lara.

  10. Big Bad Lion, Oh My!

  11. This lion plays house.

  12. And sleeps.

  13. RRRROOARRR! And awakes.

  14. This lion is very helpful in the yard.

  15. It appears to forage. But wait, aren't lions carnivores?

  16. Helping Daddy with the chores.

  17. "Hey, are there any big kids around here I can bop?"

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: October 31 boooooo, 2005