` The Mueller Family

The Mueller Family

Players: (timespans as of 2005)

  1. Charlotte & Charlie (52 years together)
    1. Mike & Peggie (20 years together or so?)
      1. Rachel, 18 - applying for college!
      2. Ryan, 15 - intense Boy Scout
    2. Marianne (don't mind saying I'm 45)
    3. Linda & Gary (10 or 12 years together?)
    4. Kathi & Rainer (5 years together)
      1. Lara, 18 months
  2. Gerhard, Charlotte's brother in Austria

Apologies for the unequal distribution of photos - these are just pictures that I liked. (signed, Marianne, November 15, 2005)

A smattering of shots of members of the Mueller family (and Fitzhugh and Koeniger) from the past couple of years (it's November, 2005 as I write this). Pages that you might be interested in, as well:

Remember, click on any picture to see a larger version.

  1. Mom and Dad (Charlotte and Charlie) at Echo Lake on July 3, 2005 (52 years together)

  2. Strolling with Daddy: Rainer and Lara in October, 2005. Lara is 17 months. Mum on Rainer's age.

  3. "I can SO put my fist in my mouth!" Grandpa with Lara in late summer 2005. Lara is about 16 months in this picture. August 2005.

  4. Mom (Charlotte) leaning on a wall overlooking Brassano, Italy. Mom and Marianne toured the Veneto province for a week, looking at Palladian villas and also visiting Venice. September, 2005.

  5. Marianne and goddaughter Lara, on the occasion of her first birthday in May, 2005.

  6. Three siblings, a husband and a baby! Linda, Rainer, Kathi, Lara, Mike. Thanksgiving 2004. Lara is, what, 6 months old? Seems like forever ago!

  7. Ryan (14 in this picture) is a serious chef. Here he prepares sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving 2004.

  8. Mom and Dad (Charlotte & Charlie), Thanksgiving, 2004.

  9. Aunt Linda and Ryan die laughing during a Pictionary moment. Thanksgiving 2004.

  10. Aunt Linda and Lara on the beach, Thanksgiving 2004. Lara is six months.

  11. Rachel, 17, with her 6-month-old cousin Lara. Thanksgiving, 2004.

  12. In the dim background, to the right, Michael (father to Ryan) looks in the picture like he's the Angel of Conscience sitting on the poor teenager's shoulder! Ryan is 14. Thanksgiving 2004.

  13. Card shark shuffles the deck. Rachel, 17, at Thanksgiving 2004.

  14. Rachel nets 4 aces. Wait a minute. Who shuffled the deck? Thanksgiving 2004. (Actually, in the spirit of journalistic honesty, this is a different hand. We taught Rachel and Ryan pinochle during these days together.)

  15. Peggie (and family) arrive in Austria from a few days touring Venice and Switzerland. Linda is on the left. June 2003.

  16. Mike listens carefully to Gerhard's explanation of ... glacier skiing? June 2003.

  17. Three generations: Uncle Gerhard Erlmoser, Michael Mueller and Ryan Mueller. June 2003.

  18. Rachel, grinning with her dinner salad. The secret to her staying thin! She eats salads all the time! June 2003.

  19. Marianne with the two lederhosen men who played in the folk music group that accompanied the 50th Anniversary Celebration. June 2003. I was thinner then. A goal!

  20. Ryan and Kathi - and why is Kathi always beautiful? Is she the most photogenic person on the planet, or, is she just beautiful? We repaired to the wonderful beer garden in Salzburg, the Augustiner Braustuebl, after sightseeing one day. June 2003.

  21. Going out for a hike: Dad (Charlie), Kathi, Linda, Gary. June 2003.

  22. And on another hike - at our summit we just happened to run into a pleasant gasthaus. Gary (but my beer!) June 2003.

Marianne Mueller
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