` The Tunis Family

The Tunis Family

  1. Lorraine and her son Justin.

  2. Dave, Heather's husband. (Mea culpa on red eyes.)

  3. (Now Lorraine this is really a good picture.) Sean watches Lorraine read something or other.

  4. Heather is radiant as she says goodby to a friend.

  5. Mrs. Tunis; Roslyn.

  6. 4-year-old Noah, Sean and Nancy's boy.

  7. Molly (left, 7 years old) and Rachel (10 years old), Sean and Nancy's girls.

  8. Benjamin (I think? I hope I didn't get his name wrong!), son of the friend who put together the "To Life" book of poetry.

  9. Contemplative Molly.

  10. Rachel the budding writer.

  11. Nancy, Sean's wife.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: November 14, 2005