Sunday, July 10: A Day of Farewells

  1. Lara and I walked around the lake (well, I walked, and she rode on my back) and we came to John Buck's simulated lake.

  2. The lake framed by wild grasses

  3. Wildflowers

  4. A toll booth?

  5. The way forward is green and peace

  6. When we arrived home, Lara had been sleeping on my shoulder for ten minutes.

  7. Marianne and Lara consult on the advisability of waking up.

  8. We were convinced, and gladdened.

  9. Lara, fresh-faced, is ready for the whole century.

  10. The swing's rope has been extended - Lara flies farther!

  11. Papa pushes Lara higher and higher.

  12. A multicolored Sunfish takes to the waves!

  13. The sailors meander back and forth.

  14. Two boats vie for attention - and wind.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: July 10, 2005