Saturday, July 3: Mrs. Damron, Debbie and Sheila visit

  1. Sheila, Debbie, Maman, Elizabeth Damron. Sheila and Debbie are visiting the states from Germany for a couple weeks.

  2. Dad takes our guests off for a tour of the lake in the electric rowboat.

  3. I'm getting slightly better at getting the faces in the picture ...

  4. ... but the boat's getting away from me!

  5. Ah there we are, they swing into view.

  6. While the boaters are out boating, the swimmer goes a-swimming. This particular swimmer is named Lotte. It has been a very hot week - in the 80s.

  7. Back home, Charles discourses.

  8. Mrs. Damron and Debbie relax by the water's edge after getting back from the boat ride.

  9. Lotte und Charlie, 52 years together.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: July 4, 2005, Happy Independence Day!