Saturday, July 4: Boat Parade

  1. I went for a walk down the main road, then right on Echo Lake Road (towards Greene), and then up some dead-end dirt road. I spied this mushroom family next to the wild roses.

  2. Elderberries and rush weeds.

  3. Beaver dam

  4. Daisies growing out of the fallen over tree stump

  5. Wildflowers

  6. Dad has prepped the boat pretty good!

  7. Finishing touches

  8. Six clamps

  9. L'auteur with his creation

  10. The first blueberry of the season, harvested from a bush at shoreline.

  11. Nine or ten holiday-decorated boats converge in the middle of the lake.

  12. A closer look at the decorated boats.

  13. A little girl was burning a sparkler in the dark woods, just as the party was starting - unfortunately the sparkler fire doesn't show through in this picture.

  14. Sunset I.

  15. After the boat parade, the party at Pat Martin's. This is a shot from up near her cottage, down towards shore.

  16. Sunset II.

  17. Dad talking with the Clark and Janet Cook.

  18. I dressed as Statue of Liberty for the Boat Parade. Mr. Cook graciously took a picture, since although I'm perhaps the most photographed element in the parade, I never get a picture of myself! Good thing I don't! Those upper arms are scary! Diet starts NOW.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: July 4, 2005, Happy Independence Day!