Tuesday-Thursday, July 5-7: The Great Wastewater Project

    Tuesday, July 5:

  1. This is the week of adventure. The hot water heater gave out, in some fashion. Some part or other had to be replaced. Let's put it this way. We didn't have any warm water, let alone hot water, for a couple days. So I was delighted to see the Superman Vehicle of the Superpower EV-Man!

  2. Super EV Man got right down to it. We had hot water soon after. Well, some number of hours later.

  3. Mom is making us chicken teriyaki.

    Wednesday, July 6:

  4. Darrin (the incredible Darrin) steers his backhoe and digs a ditch along some pipeline or other. Ask Dad for schematics about what-all is going on here. Darrin is helped by another incredible guy, Brian, who is a senior at Utica College and hopes to be drafted to the NFL as a tight end.

  5. When you dig the earth around here, you get a crop of rocks.

  6. Darrin is one of the nicest guys around, but he is a little bit camera shy.

  7. If you look closely, you'll see that Darrin's backhoe has a payload of dirt. Or you could call it clay. Dad is carefully overseeing.

  8. We (or rather, they) dig a trench down to the pipe.

  9. This project is lot of hard, sweat work.

  10. Pouring in stone.

  11. Dad seems to be measuring something with the yellow transit.

  12. The red barn (formerly Whitmarsh' farm).

  13. The new, refurbished Echo Lake Association Sign! this time with flowers.

  14. Darrin brings nice topsoil down from the "driveway" up by the main road. The idea is to spread topsoil over all the perturbed land (which is now clay!) so that Mom can plant wildflowers. We ordered wildflower seed from AmericanMeadows.com; recommended!

  15. The Greene Memorial Library offers free high-speed wireless. Inside ...

  16. ... and outside on the bench under the spreading maple. If you had a laptop with wireless card with you, that is. In a moment of sanity, I didn't bring any laptops with me to Echo Lake.

  17. Relaxing in the late afternoon sun.

    Thursday, July 7:

  18. Another beaver dam, this one with tree carcasses sticking up, dark and twisted, across the green fields.

  19. A day later, but the unthinkable has happened. There is some problem with the installation. Either it's not pumping out properly, or it's leaking, or who knows what. A long day of excavation and replacing-parts begins. It was raining quite a bit, so Darrin put up a tent.

  20. Darrin gamely climbed into the system, took out the pump, and replaced it with a pump that a guy from Binghamton drove out. Tests are ongoing. Let us all pray that the malfunctioning pump was the problem, and that from here on, all will be well and just work like it should. But we also recognize that such problems are trivial compared to being on the wrong underground line in London today. Our prayers go out to all those hurt and the families of those who perished.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: July 7, 2005