Friday, July 8: Lara Arrives!

  1. Wild grape

  2. A mushroom ornament

  3. Little Marianne in the glade (apparently I looked like this back then)

  4. Closer look

  5. Dad decides to beef up the infrastructure that holds the pole for birds' suet

  6. We hope the birds appreciate it.

  7. Lotte's garden

  8. Hens and chickens - succulents

  9. Ferns

  10. Lara speaks

  11. The imp has a squishable football

  12. The mischevious one at her little toybox

  13. Lara shares the little A-B-C abacus with the photographer.

  14. Mmm-mmm. Cool whip! (Dad registers a complaint.)

  15. Pizza face

  16. I have no idea what Lara is pointing at with such glee ... she finds many things hilarious.

  17. The baby is in bed, and Mama and Dada relax on the couch.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: July 8, 2005