Saturday, July 9: Mom's Birthday

  1. Grapes for breakfast

  2. A grass skirt bikini over the sleepsuit!

  3. Unpacking the lego blocks

  4. The pointer

  5. The scholar in the buff

  6. We sing "Happy Birthday" to Mom as the candles on the cake burn brightly.

  7. Mom cuts the cake (she did make a wish and she blew out all the candles at once.)

  8. The bell ringer

  9. "Is there a question?"

  10. The troll in the garden

  11. The outhouse, now as a center of folksy charm

  12. The forest primeval - this time with the flash

  13. - and this time with no flash.

  14. An old, old, dead tree, now covered with lichen

  15. Dad put up a swing for Lara

  16. The context - tomato plants and blackberry bushes

  17. More tomato plants!

  18. The magic talking bus

  19. Papa and Lara dance to "Anton, Anton!"

  20. Before dinner, Kathi brings Lara down to the lake.

  21. Lara didn't want to eat corn-on-the-cob, and she didn't want to eat kernels of corn cut off from the cob, but she definitely wanted to chomp down on a (shall we say) previously eaten cob of corn.

  22. The day is ending, time for a bath

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: July 9, 2005