Ian & Nika & some grown-ups

  1. Ian is in a deep trance.

  2. Induced by the stopwatch-timer.

  3. Nika is now 7 and blazing through 1st grade.

  4. We had a very nice grill dinner out back. The weather has been too d*mn hot.

  5. Ian (5) has a couple loose teeth.

  6. The side portrait of the wiggly teeth.

  7. Ian isn't the only one! Nika is losing some teeth, presumably for some permanent teeth!

  8. Nika and Uncle Marc.

  9. Nika the dancer.

  10. Karin, post-op, studies a French comic book centered on nerd topics.

  11. Pio peers.

  12. Orange mango sorbet and red eyes.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: July 24, 2005