July in upstate New York

  1. Flower-child in a flower-encounter

  2. Listening to what the flowers say about it all

  3. A stroller is a very good place to nap

  4. Kathi Erlmoser-Mueller Koeniger :-) and Kurt Erlmoser

  5. It was time for bed, so Grandpa took Lara to bed ... and Lara dutifully kept an eye on the slumbering Grandpa.

  6. Lara helps out in the garden, watering plants.

  7. And watering Grandpa.

  8. Lara works on her watering technique in the pool.

  9. Kurt und Tante Lotte

  10. Kurt and Uncle Charlie

  11. Two Erlmosers emerge from the bush

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: August 25, 2005