` Verena


  1. Verena looks concerned for the doll.

  2. But smiles for the camera!

  3. Verena gently cradles the doll's head.

  4. Side view.

  5. The ensemble moves so fast it tricks the camera focus!

  6. A girl in holiday plaid.

  7. Verena readies to play the violin.

  8. An ensemble of three. Verena is in the middle.

  9. From a slight distance.

  10. A slightly different angle.

  11. The ensemble shift position.

  12. Verena and Jo sweep the apparently spotless yard.

  13. Verena in green cap, ready to work!

  14. Verena at the 2003 celebration of Charles & Charlotte's 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration. (Note: this is the only version of this photo, there is no larger version.))

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: September 27, 2005