` Christmas Eve at La Selva

Christmas Eve at La Selva

  1. Barbara made dinner: tri-tip steak, turnips, scalloped potatoes, ceasar salad, green beans, kalamata olives. And lemon squares for dessert!

  2. Thomas helped quite a bit.

  3. The festive Christmas Eve table. Starting with Barbara and going clockwise: Jeff, John, Thomas. Barbara brought in special plates and the candles and wineglasses (for non-alcoholic sparkling apple juice).

  4. My bad. I was trying to get an unposed shot of Barbara but managed to take a picture that only barely looks like her.

  5. Barbara took this one of me.

  6. The living room (in fact, the whole house) has been redone.

  7. The view from the far side of the living room, looking into the dining room. Barbara unexpectedly shows up!

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: December 24, 2005