`` Block Party at Laning Chateau

Block Party at Laning Chateau

Twenty or so people from the 44 apartments in Laning Chateau got together Saturday evening, November 5. First ever block party!

  1. Mostly women (as is true in the building, too).

  2. Mary, our organizer and hostess!

  3. Doug the musicologist. I forgot to ask him how the ballet is progressing.

  4. Now begins the long series of photographs with people I can't name. Hopefully Mary will clue me in.

  5. It wasn't really THAT bright. Well, maybe it was somewhat bright. We don't have much control over that.

  6. Lisa is the other organizer and hostess. The fellow in the middle is also taking classes at Stanford - in electrical engineering, I believe.

  7. "Laning Chateau" writ backwards.

  8. A thoughtful conversation.

  9. Mary, Lisa and ...

  10. Prost!

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: November 5, 2005