` Mali's photos from October

Mali's photos from October

Kathi & Rainer & Lara traveled to Germany in October (they are godparents to Christian & Gill's children, who were being baptized) and Gerhard and Mali traveled to Egelsbach, Blueberry Land, to see everyone.

    October 17:

  1. Lara is temporarily more interested in the bottle than in the cat!

  2. Ah, things are back to normal. The sleepy Lara happily gives the cat her hand. I want to call the cat Frieda, but I think that's not quite right.

  3. Lara checks out great-uncle Gerhard.

  4. Smiles all around.

  5. With Omi and Opa Koeniger.

    October 18:

  6. Another day, another bottle.

  7. Gerhard und kleine Elmo.

  8. Lara helps Uncle Gerhard drink a glass of water - she puts her tongue into it - the Mueller gene?! Or maybe she just thirsts.

  9. Gill, Christian, Rainer, Kathi, Lara, Helena and Lara's cousin who is only 5 days older than she is, Agnes.

  10. One mo' again! This time with Agnes in front, on the left, and with Helena hugging Lara.

Marianne Mueller
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