Wildflowers of the Many Glacier region

  1. From wildflower patch to fir trees to lakes.

  2. My favorite - the towsled mop-headed little guys.

  3. A purple flower in rock.

  4. Red Rock Vista.

  5. A patch of green against a wall of red.

  6. More of my towsleded (sp?) headed favorites.

  7. A splash of colour. We are still in Canada.

  8. In real life, these guys are limey green, not yellow. A beautiful green.

  9. And the beginning in a series: the bear grass! Those guys sticking up.

  10. Bear grass amongst purple thingies.

  11. Red Indian Paint-brush, with friends.

  12. Yes! More bear grass!

  13. And more! Can one have too much bear grass?

  14. Apparently not.

  15. Now this is supposed to show the wall of red rock juxtaposed with the field of flowers.

  16. Believe it or not, this is my favorite photograph of the entire Montana-Canada collection. Mosses, flowers, water trickling down rock.

  17. Beautiful things are seldom easy. Flowers take a foothold in sheer, vertical rock.

  18. The entire chain of flowers.

  19. Rock: study in light, shade and color.

  20. Water streaming down vertical rock.

  21. The postcard. Bear grass before Lake Grinnell.

  22. On the boat on the way back to the Many Glacier Hotel.

  23. Getting closer. I was on the 4th floor but alas not with lake view. (Note to self: next time, be sure to reserve room with lake view.)

Marianne Mueller
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