` Gondolier and Fairy Child

Gondolier and Fairy Child

A few pictures of Lara from late summer, and a few more from Thanksgiving time. Scanned in by mrm; photos by Mom.

  1. A Venetian Gondolier in training? ...

  2. ... or two prisoners, escaped together? Where did they escape from, where are they running to?

  3. Panama City Welcoming Committee for the Koenigers! In the excitement, the sign was held backwards.

  4. They all find it hilarious. The sign reads "Welcome to Larapalooza", Gary's marvelous coining of a new word.

  5. Fairy child - Linda found this whimsical winged outfit for Lara at a folk music festival. The theory is Lara can wear it until she's 4 years old! Time will tell.

  6. Rainer and Lara on the beach.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: December 18, 2005