` John photographs people at the party

John photographs people at my birthday party, October 22

  1. Miriam stopped by before her concert (Saturday night at the Peninsula Symphony, with guest Jon Nakamatsu) and so imbibes only juice.

  2. Audrey and Bhavana.

  3. The ruins of a table. Had been, left to right: roast lamb, baked penne, antipasto on romaine. Bits of almond cake with chocolate glaze at the front.

  4. Bill and Katrina.

  5. Mary Jane (in blue orange-peel chair) explains something, perhaps having to do with the UN film festival at Stanford she is currently involved with.

  6. Mark, performance artist.

  7. Bill looks startled.

  8. Miriam and Mary Jane.

  9. Katrina looks mysterious.

  10. Two oboes from the Peninsula Symphony: Joel and Audrey.

  11. Bhavana protests.

  12. Katrina moves over to the big table.

  13. Left to right: Bill, Marianne, Bhavana, Mary Jane, John.

  14. Time for coffee (decaf) and tea. 1 a.m.?

  15. Mark and Tommii (who will not be photographed). Formerly known as Natasha; formerly known as Jeannie.

  16. The two coolers of drinks - beer and champagne in the smaller cooler, and some white wine, and water and juices and sodas in the bigger cooler. Warm overflow drinks came in handy when one guest requested something NOT COLD. Side of refrigerator shows part of extensive magnet collection.

  17. The miracle happened. Tommii caught on film! Miriam returned to the party after the concert, and then she allowed herself a bit of wine.

  18. My shrine (in the manner of all shrines, with offerings of money and precious objects along with symbols of what must be gotten rid of) to beg the Virgin to help us get rid of W.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: October 30, 2005