` Party!


I think about 20 people came over the course of the evening (5 p.m. - 2 a.m.) Usually about a dozen people were in my apartment at any one time, which is about right, considering the number of places to sit (chairs: 8; sofa: 3; orange-peel-chair & stool: 2). Antipasto, baked penne and roast lamb were hits. I never got around to making crostini; the only fallout from that is I have a lot of leftover fresh Italian bread, and a lot of jars of things like roasted red pepper spread and tapenade. I can store half the jars in my earthquake kit. A friend jokes that I have the most gourmet earthquake preparedness kit, what with the tinned smoked trout and jars of Greek kalamata olives.

As if on cue, Sunday the day after dawned cool and gray. Autumn is officially here; the party to the last year is over, the coming year stretches out unknown. I made a wish while blowing out 5 candles on my cake. It's a good wish.

  1. Bare table mid-morning Saturday: I've scrubbed the apartment and started putting furniture in place. The beautiful eccentric blue bottle is a large bottle of pinot grigio from Venice! (Discovered at Trader Joe's.)

  2. Om, Vicenza-souvenir lamp, green Venice bottle that is a souvenir from my parents' honeymoon to Venice 53 years ago, a curved wooden bird from Mexico from Miriam ... The blue orange-peel-chair peeks in on the side.

  3. Early arrivals. Sunflowers grow out of Thomas's head and Jorge intersects the festive banner adorning Frida Kahlo's portrait.

  4. Jacqui and Carlos recline on the futon-sofa covered with the fuzzy red REI blanket.

  5. Susan's two photographs of flowers regard in amusement Jeannie's insistent demand not to be photographed. The flowers, so beautiful, have no such directive. Thomas and Mary look on.

  6. Doug and Jacqui. Doug lives upstairs in the Laning Chateau and is arranging music for a ballet (baroque and renaissance music). At one point Jacqui asked what sort of heat I have in the apartment. "None!" I laughed. That is only a small exaggeration.

  7. Jodeane (geneticist), Dave (Sun/Java engineer), Susan (artist: painter, photographer, fabric, ...) Susan is the person who captured the heart of the flowers in the two photographs hanging in my apartment.

  8. The map of Veneto and Mark in profile.

  9. John and Bill, cypherpunks.

  10. Katrina (writer), Miriam (musician, Sun engineer), Mary Jane (film maker in training).

  11. Audrey hides behind the ghostly pale lime green roses. The color is natural - not painted on.

  12. I seem to be specializing in photograpahing White. Sigh. Tiny people below the glare of all the white: Audrey and Pavna.

  13. Katrina is looking good!

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: October 23, 2005