Segway Polo, Sunnyvale

On April 17, the Asilomar Segway Club (me, John W. and Bob W.) showed up at Ponderosa Park in Sunnyvale to practice riding the two Segways we just rented for the Asilomar Microcomputer Workshop, and, to watch the Segway Polo match.

See the Segway enthusiasts' web site for info on upcoming polo matches:

  1. Ryan Wedig, the hotrodder! Bob Wedig is renting a Segway to take to the Asilomar workshop, and, as long as he has it for the week, the kids are checking it out ...

  2. Two notable Asilomarites who will be responsible for Segway fun and follies this year - each is renting and bringing down one Segway.

  3. Too adorable - they have kid-sized Segways!

  4. Before the polo match - one player removes the fenders from the Segway he otherwise uses for commuting. The fenders break easily.

  5. Steve, of "Segway of Oakland" that sells and rents Segways, outfits his rig with a video camera. See for info on his firm. We rented the two Segways from him.

  6. Rich works for Segway of Oakland, and he poses here with his polo mallet. Rich gave us a fun two-hour lesson on riding Segways through parks and parking lots and the Jack London Square and many blocks of city streets (we rode on the sidewalks.)

  7. I'm taking a picture of Steve Wozniak who is taking a picture. He is pretty famous locally and probably outside of Silicon Valley too as one of the two guys in a garage who started a business that later became Apple Computer. (The other guy in the garage was Steve Jobs.) See for a good 1975 photo of the two Steves. Woz is an avid Segway polo player. Broke his hand last week.

  8. John Wedig, Bob's older boy, finally got the Segway away from Ryan.

  9. Duct tape - the universal tool.

  10. The players take to the field.

  11. The tiniest fan. Too small to steer a Segway, even the kid-sized version.

  12. To be honest, in a photo, it's hard to tell a moving Segway from a stationary Segway, but I think these folks were consulting with each other.

  13. They're still working on the video mount.

  14. Action! There are two games in play, one to the far left, and one sort of to the right, in this picture.

  15. Janet Wedig came to meet her men, as they were all en route to Ryan's (or John's?) music recital, and she was coerced into trying out the Segway.

  16. Your humble photographer. p.s. This thing is tons of fun.

  17. Dr. Bob! He is also an enthusiast.

  18. You can't tell, but he's ripping along! At miles per hour! (Max speed is 12 1/2 mph.)

  19. Ryan is not going to let them take the Segway back to Oakland next weekend.

  20. Yes! He smashed the ball!

  21. You can infer they're moving by the fact they're leaning foward. The farther you lean forward, the faster you go. You stand up straight to stop. Lean backwards to go backwards.

  22. A camera crew from the Today Show dropped by to get some footage (and later, interview the players.) The guy sitting on the grass said it'll show either next weekend (April 24, 6 a.m.?) but if not then, then two weeks later. He explained this was still an emerging market. I didn't ask if he meant Segway, or Segway Polo.

  23. Steve Wozniak, goalie. He played with the broken hand.

  24. Some kids in the park begged to take a ride, so we gave them the exhaustive 90-second tutorial, and let them loose. They loved it. This is Randy.

  25. and Sondra!

  26. Sondra really took to it, and soon was racing down the gravelly path.

  27. There's Steve, videotaping Steve (of Segway of Oakland.) There's quite a lot of Steves in this game.

  28. Here's a Segway tricked up with a trailer.

  29. Steve the Videographer's amazing video contraption. You have to see this. I think it has seven degrees of freedom of movement, or something like that (don't hold me to the technical description.)

  30. The players invited us to join them for lunch at BJ's in Cupertino. On the way in, we spotted two Segways locked to the bicycle lock, and knew we found the right place.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: April 17, 2005