` Italy Favorites: September 17-23

Italy Favorites: September 17-23

    Saturday, September 17: Asolo, Villa Barbero, Villa Emo

  1. Asolo curves.

  2. Our energetic and enthusiastic tour guide, Rita.

  3. Villa Barbero, my favorite. In fact I have dubbed myself (with no justification) Countess Barbero.

  4. Villa Emo - huge and hard to take in, even from a distance.

    Sunday, September 18: Castelfranco, Treviso, Brassono del Grappa

  5. A lamp and an arch.

  6. Today, the bountiful lady dispense water. Legend has it that in times past one breast gave forth red wine, the other white wine. This is a copy of the original.

  7. A kindly eroded lion.

    Monday, September 19: Villa Trissino-Marzotto and Marostica

  8. Lunch in the kitchen: wonderful bread, salami, cheese, red and white wine, mineral water and later ... grappa-infused cherries to put on vanilla ice cream.

  9. Defining overgrown.

  10. Overlooking the town. Note! No umbrellas!

  11. Marostica castle/fortress and amazing hill-crawling walls.

  12. Flowers and arches.

    Tuesday, September 20: Villa Foscari, Villa Pisani, Brenta River and dinner at Rita's

  13. Backyard of Villa Foscari. Now that's a lawn mowing challenge.

  14. Lovely ladies along the Brenta River.

  15. He looks relaxed, even in the face of the danger that is Villa Pisani.

  16. A modest little outbuilding surrounded by a moat at Villa Pisani.

  17. Next year at Villa Cornaro!

  18. A tableful of Tostellos.

    Wednesday, September 21: Vicenza, Villa Rotonda, Teatro Olimpico, Villa Querini-Stampala (Working villa where we had dinner)

  19. The jolly figure in the center of La Rotonda.

  20. Pillar through shadows of light.

  21. Light and shadow, arch and pointed roof.

  22. La Rotonda.

  23. At the end of the street, Palladio's blue-roofed (secular) basilica.

  24. Teatro Olimpico - the central stage opening. It stretches back a good 40 feet.

  25. Villa Querini-Stampalia, a working villa (not Palladio's) where we had a wonderful dinner.

  26. The view of the villa through the arch of the entryway.

  27. A contemporary painting of the villa hangs in its main room on the ground floor.

  28. Venetian glass chandelier - ubiquitous in Veneto!

    Thursday, September 22: Villa Godi, Arqua Petrarca, Villa Barbarigo's garden & Armando, Elisa and Ricardo!

  29. Another in the series of Venetian chandelier. This from our villa-hotel's breakfast room.

  30. Our villa on a hill.

  31. Grapes in our villa's garden. Harvest is nigh.

  32. Arches of Godi.

  33. Three-headed something!

  34. Possibly Petrarch?

  35. Mirrored gate at Villa Barbarigo.

  36. Armando, Elisa and Ricardo.

    Friday, September 23: Venice

  37. The lion of Venice. I wonder when Venice decided the lion was its symbol, and how exactly they decided that?

  38. On the exterior of the Doge's Palace, support-group knight-style.

  39. Rose-colored lenses for the streetlights make it all seem all right.

  40. A gondolier in trademark blue-and-white striped shirt. This is NOT another picture of a rose streetlight, or beautiful villas standing stately over the canal.

  41. Gray and silver, sunset never comes. The light bounces from wave to wave and is never dissipated. This is my favorite picture of Venice.

  42. I got lucky with the pink mirrored in the canal. Believe me, that was not planned. Venice blows you shy kisses like this.

Marianne Mueller
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