` September 10: Luft-Ballon und Salzburg

September 10: Luft-Ballon und Salzburg

  1. I wake up on my first morning in Austria ... step out on the balcony for a guilty smoke ... and am greeted by Luft-Ballon, the hot air balloons! This week is the week the balloons float all over the Tirol. Advance warning: I have dozens of pictures of hot air balloons, taken over the week.

  2. Balloons over the Rettenstein.

  3. A lone balloon over Kirchberg.

  4. A yellow one! Can't read the sponsor!

  5. Two multi-colored balloons float in the balmy blue sky.

  6. Balloons over the cemetary.

  7. The balloons seem to be approaching the village a bit too closely.

  8. It's Saturday, and Mom and Dad and I take the train to Salzburg. We go via Vienna, or something like that, so it ends up taking about 3 hours. It's a lovely ride, though. I would like to point out that my suitcase is the small green one on the left. Dad would like to point out that he and Mom share a suitcase, which is likely less than twice as big as my little green one.

  9. We make it to Salzburg, and take the O-Bus to downtown. Our hotel is right next to the Dom. On the way to our hotel, we pass Dallinger's, where Dad bought their wedding rings back in 1953.

  10. Mom in the narrow street that leads to our hotel. The oval sign in back, "Hotel am Dom", indicates where we'll stay for the weekend.

  11. We had a pleasant dinner at the Ziipfer Braeu, a nearby restaurant. Note the Oktoberfest signs hanging from the overhead lamp. This is next to the Collegien Church, a block away from the Dom (Cathedral). Hence a block away from our hotel as well.

  12. Yum! Knoedel dessert.

  13. Kinder Trachten (children's folkwear) in the shadow of the cathedral.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: September 28, 2005