` Tuesday, September 13: Meeting Cousins at a Funeral

Tuesday, September 13: Meeting Cousins at a Funeral

We attended the funeral of Theresia Foidl, in Aurach. Gerhard led the service. I believe Theresia was a cousin of Joseph Erlmoser, Charlotte's father and my grandfather. She was born March 7, 1918 and passed on September 10, 2005.

Here is the card handed out at the funeral:

There were perhaps 200-300 people at the funeral (many in beautiful trachten), and I thought: I am related to some or most of these people ...

  1. A beautiful farmhouse in Aurach. It is the Hallerwirt, and it's a farm and a gasthaus.

  2. The outbuilding for the Hallerwirt farm and gasthaus is piled high with firewood.

  3. I didn't take pictures during the service. Here we are after the service, in a gasthaus, where everyone was invited for dinner. At our table are a variety of cousins. From left to right: Karin (daughter of Kathi, who is the sister of the farmer Sepp Foidl where Nani lived); Nicolai, the son of Michael Foidl (son of Sepp Foidl); Kathi Hiebl; Kathi's husband Hans Hiebal; Andreas, Karin's husband.

  4. Dad and the son of Michael Foidl, who is an architect. Michael is the son of Sepp Foidl, the farmer.

  5. Two generations of cousins. Hans Hiebl, and Andreas, Kathi's husband and Hans' son-in-law.

  6. Kathi Hiebl.

  7. Gasthaus-proprietor Karin. Hey! Wait! I found their brochure! The gasthaus is in St. Johann in Tirol, and is named Rettenbachstube, and can be located at www.rettenbachstube.at. Tel. 0043 (0)5352 61002, address Roemerweg 22, 6380 St. Johann in Tirol. It appears they have apartments as well as a restaurant. Tell her you read about it on troutlily! :-)

  8. A very cute little boy and his father. The little boy is Nicolai, and his father Michael is the son of Sepp Foidl.

  9. Mali waxes philosophical with the priest who is newly appointed the priest at Aurach.

  10. Cousin Maria Moidl comes over to say hello. Maria is my grandfather Joseph Erlmoser's cousin.

  11. Dad translates.

  12. Noch eine andere cousine: Erika, who is Moidl's daughter-in-law.

  13. Rosemarie (wife of Sepp Foidl, mother of Michael, grandmother of Nicolai), in beautiful trachten, graciously agrees to pose for my tourist's camera. This is the formal wear worn by many women who attended the funeral.

  14. Gerhard has the crowd in the palm of his hand.

Marianne Mueller
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