` Wednesday, September 14: Luft-Ballon and Another Funeral

Wednesday, September 14: Luft-Ballon and Another Funeral

  1. Two tiny balloons hover far above the ring of mist in the early morning of Kirchberg in Tirol.

  2. People crowd into the church for the funeral of Hans Ober-Mueller, who was a very respected and well-known and well-loved man. Hundreds and hundreds of people attended his funeral in the middle of the afternoon. I imagine every shop in Kirchberg must have been shut down.

  3. The crowd forms into lines.

  4. Some are in uniform or in trachten.

  5. Spying on the crowd through the geraniums.

  6. At the tail of the large crowd, the local band marches in.

  7. During the service, some members of the band hang out near the cemetary for a smoke and a chat.

  8. Mom checks up on the news.

  9. The band files into the cemetary.

  10. Gerhard enters the cemetary, in back of the two white-robed altar girls, and the men carrying a wreath and banners.

  11. The cemetary looks full, but this is only a small part of the mourners.

  12. Gerhard prays near the coffin.

  13. The mourners pack the back half of the cemetary.

  14. People keep streaming in.

  15. The natural look.

  16. The shy look.

  17. A tiny dot to the right - a Luft-Ballon (hot air balloon) returns.

  18. A yellow bolloon comes home to roost.

  19. Balloons seem happiest in a group.

  20. Et voila.

  21. Too many to count! They keep creeping in over the horizon.

  22. Primary colors.

  23. Near and far.

  24. A rainbow over the village.

  25. Drifting away.

  26. Close-touch-down show-off!

  27. Mali collects raspberries for us.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: September 30, 2005