` September 15: Gaisberg Hike and more Luft-Ballon!

Gaisberg Hike and more Luft-Ballon!

You can't have too many pictures of hot-air ballons, that's my motto. However, you should be thankful to realize that I am deleting about half of these, to spare your patience.

  1. Mike, this one's for you! A model of the new ski lift. You put your skis on the outside.

  2. Dad and I hiked partway up the Gaisberg just so I could get this scenic shot. No, really, it was just so I could break in my new summer hiking boots. JK JK JK. It was a beautiful day for a walk.

  3. A perfect picture of the Kirchbergian valley.

  4. Farmhouse along the way.

  5. Extremely cute and oddly immaculate goats.

  6. Unclear why I took this picture. Or why I'm publishing it. I fault the framiong: look at all that gray asphalt - really detracts from the shot.

  7. We make it back to the Pfarrhof (brimming with flowers) after about a 4-mile hike.

  8. The invasion of the Luft-Ballon.

  9. They're no more menacing than a silent, steady snowfall. I really don't understand where they touch down.

  10. The balloons disperse, the better to overtake the entire countryside.

  11. Perspective.

  12. On the porch.

  13. "Oh nooooo! I'm mellllting!"

  14. Racing for touchdown.

  15. This would be an advertisement if it weren't just an Art Shot(tm). Or it would be an Art Shot(tm) if it weren't just an advertisement. Goesser Bier.

  16. Mom gets chilly in the evening air on the porch.

  17. Dad carries on, studying German. I donated my "Idiot's Guide" to his library.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: October 1, 2005