` September 9: Band in the Square

September 9: Band in the Square

It wasn't exactly scheduled to welcome me, but, on my arrival in Austria, there was a big to-do in the public square. We had dinner at Bechlwirt Gasthaus, and then moved outside to enjoy the local band and be greeted by people sending over schnapps our way. Gerhard got to conduct the band on one number.

  1. Mom, Mali and Gerhard arrive at Bechlwirt. We initially sat outside, but decided soon to move inside for dinner. It looked like rain.

  2. Dad, framed by the church steeple.

  3. The jolly party (left to right): Christophe, assistant priest; Gerhard; Lotte; Mali; Charlie; Traudi Schmiedinger, wife of the band leader, Peter Schmiedinger. We are at the Bechlwirt, post-supper, waiting for the band to start up.

  4. The band comes marching in, with the jarring backdrop of a Chinese restaurant sign!

  5. Mutti und Mali.

  6. A little boy bears the drum.

  7. The band members hang their hats along the walls.

  8. The Schnapps Ladies visit our table.

  9. I get their attention.

  10. The two priests of Kirchberg.

  11. Mutti und Mali, noch ein mal!

  12. Gerhard conducts the band.

  13. Dad sings along.

  14. Freaky lights!

  15. Oom-pah! The band marches out.

  16. The image of contemplation.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: September 28, 2005