Koeniger Ski Week in Serfaus, Tirol, Austria

  1. Lara fell while standing up and busted her lip, and has something of a fat lip! Very scary.

  2. Lara is a bit teary about the whole thing.

  3. Lara is secure and comforted with Papa.

  4. At the restaurant halfway up the mountain, Oma Uschi balances Lara.

  5. Everyone smiles: Oma Ursula, Lara and Aunt Gill.

  6. Markus is on the left, while Uschi watches Lara devour her reading glasses.

  7. Cousin Helena (3 or 4 years) kisses little 8-month old Lara.

  8. Gill - Kathi's sister-in-law - holds her little girl Agnes, who is exactly 5 days older than Lara.

  9. Kathi went skiing for about an hour and a half, while Oma Uschi and Gill took care of Lara. On her return, Lara just dozes off. One reason for Kathi's fixed expression is that she's taking this picture ...

  10. Another shot of the konked-out Lara. Mom peeking from behind.

  11. Alpenglow in Serfaus. These mountains are not the ones where the ski lifts are.

  12. Rainer took this picture of mother and child. Kathi's cheek are rosy as it was about -10 C outside.

  13. Helena shares a secret with Lara.

  14. The most amazing shots happen when you take your own picture, holding the camera out in front!

  15. And one mo' agin! Note how the three subjects are steadfastly staring in different directions.

  16. The end of the lunchtime ritual. Christian seems to be praying for strength while Finlay checks his fortune cookie. I didn't know they had fortune cookies in Austria.

  17. Lara examines the skiers, from the vantage point of a window in the restaurant.

  18. Lara relaxes in an area set aside for crawling kidlets.

  19. Oma and Lara wrestle.

  20. Agnes Koeniger and Lara Koeniger, cousins separated by a mere 5 days! Boy, are they going to get tired of hearing this all their lives.

  21. Helena pretends to feed cousin Lara and sister Agnes.

  22. The babies, naturally enough, think this is for real, and open their mouths wide!

  23. Oma with her two newest grandchildren, Lara and Agnes.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: February 3, 2005