Gallery of Floral Photography, by Susan Dunlap

On Saturday, April 9, 2005, a couple dozen people dropped by between 3 and 6 p.m. to enjoy a showing of Susan's photography. My pictures of Susan's pictures are necessarily not 1/1000th as incredible as seeing the original.

  1. The artist Susan next to one of her works.

  2. I did this on purpose - I was trying to show the scale of the photograph, not (just) my superior collection of fridge magnets.

  3. Closeup

  4. A freesia in between my two north-facing windows.

  5. Closeup of the freesia.

  6. Susan before the multitude arrive: she's getting ready her binder of photographs, and also larger photos she can show to people.

  7. The miracle of my decluttered living space! This shot taken from the doorway into the kitchen/Zen room.

  8. A blue orange-peel-chair, tiny Tibetan prayer flags, and an expectant coat hook.

  9. Freesia and Susan.

  10. A view into the Zen room and the golden photo, catching the glint of light on the red photo. Futon-bed shoveled into place as couch, and covered with new weaving from the Mayans in Mexico!

  11. The party commences! From left to right: Audrey, Susan, Joyce's friend, Joyce, Mary Jane, and Becky.

  12. Fran and Miriam.

  13. Joyce looking mischevious!

  14. Susan, and, Mary Jane looking at the binder of photos.

  15. Mr. John Wharton.

  16. Cleo and Susan, with Audrey in the background.

  17. The inimitable, indefatigable Jorge! Audrey, of course, is by now working hard at the stove. (pot stickers)

  18. Susan and Fran, looking at the binder of photos.

  19. Miriam and Sigal.

  20. Is it Shiva, or is it Audrey and Natasha?

  21. I told you, Audrey has become a slave to potstickers. To everyone's delight.

  22. Cleo, Jorge and Mary Jane.

  23. The hostess and the guest of honor.

  24. Miriam and Marianne.

  25. Tibetan prayer flags, long loud colorful scarf with fringes, and an occupied blue orange-peel-chair.

  26. Finally Audrey sits down and has a bite to eat.

  27. The fabulous threesome, Marianne, Audrey and Susan.

  28. "Is it already 6:25?"

  29. I'm just trying to take lots of pictures of the resident artist, in case she can use any in her brochures ...

  30. Jorge and Miriam and Natasha's hat.

  31. Jorge apparently doesn't know?

  32. Our hostess is dancing with the coat hook. (actually this was a deliberate silly pose ...)

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: April 12, 2005