Dropping by Susan Dunlap's studio, February 10

  1. Gorgeous colors in this surrealistic painting by Susan that hangs in her dining room.

  2. An abstract or possibly cubist painting by Susan that hangs in the hall.

  3. You have to visit Susan's house to see these in person - my lousy photography doesn't begin to do them justice.

  4. The artist herself.

  5. Man in Mud, in between front door and window.

  6. A splash of color, hanging in her studio.

  7. An abstract interpretation of her husband's face.

  8. Susan and Miriam in front of two current pieces. The portrait on the left is almost done. Her big project right now is the abstract piece in back of them.

  9. My photography is terrible, I know, and I apologize to Susan; this is one of my favorite pieces, a cheerful colorful abstract work hanging in her studio.

  10. Another shot of the same painting.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: February 16, 2005