` Saturday: To the beach house!

Saturday: To the beach house!

The day was involved in prepping and packing for our week at the beach near Seaside. We rented a fabulous 3-story 4-bedroom 4-bath sumptuous palace a block from the ocean. We brought bikes. We brought paper towels. We brought everything in between.

  1. Dad has a spiffy new hat.

  2. Linda is deep in thought - planning.

  3. The crab is eating the fishes.

  4. "Yes, Marianne, I am busy, do you want to help?!" (She is packing a portable chair into its bag.)

  5. Dad and Gary attach a baby seat onto a bike. This procedure took quite a while and, apparently, just the right tools.

  6. Movie Star Linda drives us for a quic look-see at Michael's Craft Emporium.

  7. Ozzie is not impressed by all the fuss.

  8. Sunset from the top (3rd floor) deck, looking out towards the ocean.

  9. The clouds were more dramatic in real life.

  10. The view from inside Mom and Dad's room on the 2nd floor. They have the ocean view.

  11. Linda and I unpacked her laden car, and then sat down and waited for the Larapalooza Caravan to arrive. Or a martini.

  12. Attacked by a crab.

  13. Apparently they have football at the beach, too.

  14. Aunt Linda and Lara are both growing their hair out.

  15. Sly, or tired?

  16. Noch ein mal.

  17. "Lollapalooza" is a nonsense English word meaning some wonderful or magnificent person or thing. Gary coined the term "Larapalooza". Dad made a sign to welcome the Koenigers at the Panama City airport on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately at the critical moment he held the sign backwards so that a blank sign greeted the travelers.

  18. Lara didn't hold it against him.

  19. Linda is thrilled to inherit some lingerie that a relative of Mom's gave to her recently in Austria.

  20. It looks fetching with fleece and jeans. Lara has other fish to fry.

  21. We had BBQ pork for dinner (thanks Gary!)

  22. It is increasingly hard to get Lara to pose (which I think is a good thing).

  23. Grandpa and Lara investigate.

  24. Lara climbed up onto the comfy sofa all on her own.

  25. And started studying for mid-term exams.

  26. Rainer stumps us with trivia questions.

  27. Linda reads the tourist brochure to Lara, who looks suitably skeptical. Kathi examines the trivia-card-deck.

  28. Kathi absolutely melts in laughter. I forget now what it was all about, but she was literally gasping for air.

  29. She regains her composure. And after hours of a mysterious outage, cable is back!

    Picture taken by Linda:

  30. The layered look.

Marianne Mueller
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