` Sunday at the Beach House

Sunday at the Beach House, November 20

    It didn't start raining till the afternoon, and then it got started slowly, but it eventually built up to a serious downpour. Lara got out for a couple stroller-rides, though. Any number of trips were made to Publix, the grocery store 5 minutes away. Skip-bo and pinochle kept people's competitive edges sharp. Gary cooked us a great chili for dinner and we had wonderful imported German frankfurters for lunch. The kitchen is well-appointed and easy to work in.

  1. Daddy's girl at 6 a.m. is philosophical.

  2. The secret language of Mom and Lara.

  3. "Do we really need that flash at this hour?"

  4. Breakfast cookie. (Linda baked chocolate chip cookies on arrival, sort of marking the house as ours.) (We arrived Saturday afternoon, and the cookies didn't make it 24 hours.)

  5. Lara dissects the cookie.

  6. Before the rain: on the front porch swing.

  7. Not sure what arduous task causes Grandpa to stick his tongue out in concentration. Lara bangs her shoes together, which delights her.

  8. Lara appreciates his efforts!

  9. The shoppers return from a marathon shop at the grocery store. Lara helps unpack. "This canteloup is very light!"

  10. The watermelon is maybe not so light.

  11. "Yes, Lara, it is true, Windows is nothe sort of software your generation deserves." Dad introduces Lara to computing.

  12. It's Sunday. Lotte enjoys the NY Times that Gary surprisingly found at a cafe two blocks away.

  13. TV and fake plant with Rainer.

  14. Lara is introduced to the strategies of bidding in pinochle.

  15. Linda discusses a point of play with her partner. Hey, no table talk!

  16. Lara explains the game of moving the alligator around the wicker table.

  17. Lara reads a book to Daddy.

  18. Family Koeniger.

  19. Lotte writes Mali und Gerhard.

  20. Email is serious business.

  21. At least Lara looks at the camera. Daddy seems to be drawing with the big crayon while Grandpa supervises.

  22. Mom and Dad's bedrooom on the second floor. Not sure if this is a real plant or not - I suspect it's fake. Every bedroom has a TV with DVD box.

  23. Mom and Dad's bedroom, continued.

  24. Kathi and Rainer's bedroom.

  25. Kathi and Rainer's bedroom, 2. Linda borrowed the child bed from a friend.

  26. An attempt at a group shot that also shows the room(s) again.

  27. The sock of destiny.

  28. In the chaos, Gary reads.

  29. Three generations.

    Pictures taken by Linda:

  30. Big kiss!

  31. "Mom, that makes me laugh!"

  32. Whispering sweet nothings.

  33. Lara loves her little soft squishy baby with the jingly bells in her tummy.

  34. Lara the philospher, clutching the singing Minnie Mouse.

  35. Bleary eyes of sleep - it's not yet 8 a.m.

  36. Watermelon workout.

  37. "You want me to move this to the kitchen?"

  38. Marianne reads selected passages from Camus' "The Plague" to a distracted student.

  39. Seriously bad-hair-week for Aunt Marianne.

  40. Gary studies the paper. He found a cafe with papers a short walk away.

  41. Give that man a cup of coffee.

  42. Lara likes tomatoes - for eating, for pointing ...

  43. Ever active, Lara does a few sit-up curls. All those trips to the Y are showing.

  44. Her head is downcast as someone is saying "No Shoes On Table Lara!"

  45. "In that case, I'll put on Dada's shoes."

  46. Lara reads Daddy a book.

  47. Aunt clutches baby clutching baby.

Marianne Mueller
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