` A silver gray Monday

A silver gray Monday, November 21

Gary went into work and the rest of us watched and waited for the rain to abate. Philology and gender confusion of Teletubbies were serious topics of conversation in the morning until Marianne couldn't take it anymore (the video, that is.). Went out for short walks. Linda, Kathi and Rainer went to Destin to a mall and to see "Harry Potter" - movie liked by all, and Rainer scored a great pair of Timberland boots, and Lara got some pink suede boots she immediately rejected with a howl of pain. Later she seemed to like the boots. The babysitters (Lotte, Charlie, Marianne) took Lara on a longish walk (no stroller) and she delighted in weaving back and forth, slalom style, among the bike racks. A miniature jungle gym.

  1. Lara prepares to dip into some yogurt. The environment is at the ready; she is surrounded by washable plastic; the chair, the bib, the dish and spoon.

  2. It's so good she needs two spoons and two cups.

  3. Yogurt in motion.

  4. Blue white silver gray exile.

  5. Feeble white waves against a narrow stripe of blue. I like the silver sand.

  6. A blustery windy afternoon for a walk, so Lara is bundled up.

  7. A typical street in Seacrest, our little beach-vacation community. It is almost deserted this time of year. Houses sell for upwards of a million, and so do condos. (Practically.)

  8. The yellow one in the middle is where we are staying. 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, good kitchen, medium-sized (or smallish) living area. Laundry.

  9. Second Look.

  10. Red-eye baby.

    Pictures de Linda:

  11. Yogurt face.

  12. Two-fisted yogurt eater.

  13. Maybe she will play spoons? (the musical use of the implements)

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: November 26, 2005