` Sunny Tuesday

Sunny Tuesday, November 22

A day of brownies, bicycles, Seaside book- and knick-knack-shopping. Dad rode a tiny bike for a while till his legs told him enough was enough. Lara rode in the baby seat on the back of a bike for the first time in her young life. Meanwhile, Eileen started her trip to Seacrest - we expect her around 7 or 8 p.m.

  1. Third look.

  2. Da Lime and Da Coconut.

  3. Two aunts and an ant.

  4. The white sand beach and pounding ocean appeal to Lara, who got the hang of digging and shoveling very quickly.

  5. Blue blue sky hangs over the woooden walkway over the grassy dunes. It was in the 60s and only slightly breezy.

  6. Hey check it out - his sunglasses match her jacket, and her sunglasses match his fleece!

  7. Tarball, Florida style. Dredged up frm the bottom of the ocean; detritus of oil spills.

  8. Burying the shovel.

  9. The movie star on the beach.

  10. Dad looks very dapper in his khaki and beige, blending with the sand and foamy waves.

  11. Art Shot (tm) of patterns in the sand, made by retreating water.

  12. Riding Daddy.

  13. The sleep of angels.

  14. Nose into shoulder.

  15. Full-length view. Of Lara, anyway. Band of sunlight doesn't disturb the sleepers.

  16. Linda works on spreadsheets for her radiochemistry class. I think.

  17. Did I mention she is growing her hair out?

  18. Full set of teeth.

  19. Dancing blur.

  20. A philosophical dancer.

  21. Boogie down.

  22. Aunt Eileen arrives in time for dinner - leberkaese, potatoes, spinach, salat.

  23. And the card sharks have a 4th for pinochle.

    Linda's pictures:

  24. It is an open question whether more yogurt is ingested or used as body lotion.

  25. Fingers are generally more useful than spoons.

  26. "You laugh. I'm the one who gets to clean this all up every morning."

  27. Gerber baby.

  28. Blurred energy.

  29. Kathi the unflappable.

  30. Rainer has no right to look so chipper at the break of dawn. Well, actually, it's 9 a.m.

  31. Double-chin city! Calorie counting time!

  32. Beloved Teletubbies: Laa-Laa (Lara calls her Naa-Naa), Tinky-Winky and Dipsy. (Po is off screen.) All they do is smile and run around and play and hug each other. Pretty darn subversive.

  33. Three o'clock nap.

  34. Lance Armstrong, watch out!

  35. "It's not fair, they make me sit back here."

  36. Kathi races into view.

  37. Grandpa and Lara in endless rounds of "Ring around the rosy".

  38. Lara will do this for hours.

  39. Marianne takes over with a variation on the theme: instead of "we all fall down", it's "we all fall up!" and Lara is hoisted in the air.

  40. "What in the world are you doing, Aunt Marianne?" (It was "Miss Merry Mack" but that might be a game for an older age.)

Marianne Mueller
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