` Sand in the Camera

Sand in the Camera

Tragedy strikes Wednesday, November 23 as apparently sand grains jam my camera's button that you press to take a picture. Luckily, Linda has the same camera, so I commandeer hers for the remainder of the week! I let her take some pictures too, gracious photographer that I am. I won't attempt to say who took what pictures in the remaining set from Thanksgiving week.

  1. Silly Picture (tm). Rainer goes into the local real estate market! He's in good company, seems like every other house is newly build and on the market, and every bit of land not already under development is up for sale.

  2. Sunset over the Gulf. Bay? Atlantic? Someone fix my geography ... in any case, our house was a short walk to the beach.

  3. Rosy fingered sunset waves.

  4. A trio of Seacrest houses in twilight. I was trying to get the colors, which didn't come through properly in this shot.

  5. The view at sunset from the 3rd floor deck of our house.

  6. And in a miracle of time - here's the sunset again, this time before the sun disappears over the horizon.

  7. Houses mushroom on the horizon ... rather expansive little beach shacks, at that.

  8. Gary on the windy third floor deck at happy hour.

  9. I suspect the sun isn't really going anywhere. I think it's us or our earth that is turning away into night.

  10. Marianne introduces Lara to the joys of MacOS X. Lara is not impressed.

  11. She politely regards the troutlily pages created thus far.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: November 27, 2005