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    Clifton Park:

    Here is a 15-second video clip of Lara riding on a new toy. Click on the link. Hopefully the video will just play. If it doesn't automatically start playing, you might need to click once on the little arrow that is on the video window.

    If the video doesn't play when you click on the link, you might end up needing to save the file to your local disk, and then double-clicking on it. However, this is not recommended for dial-up, as the video is 5.2 MB.

  1. The tree at Kathi & Rainer's

  2. Lara gets the hang of this present thing.

  3. She learns to rip them open.

  4. What's this?

  5. Another present!

  6. Hey! Look at all these under here!

  7. Mona Lara.

  8. Lara is a big reader.

  9. She got a new puppy to ...

  10. ... ride!

  11. Giddyup!

    From Harold!

  12. From Marianne's dinner party:

  13. John came over early to make his famous potato dish.

  14. Contemplative potato mashing.

  15. Expectant diners: Natasha, John, Jorge, Miriam.

  16. A closer look at the three who don't prevent me from taking their picture.

  17. Late into dinner - the turkey platter is cleared, the potato casserole mostly gone. I don't know what happened to the bowl of broccoli or the salad ... oh wait, the salad is peeking out in back of the bottle of white wine - red endives give it away.

  18. Jorge was given a hat from the Beaver Palace as a Christmas present!

  19. The diners are intent on peeling roasted chestnuts. Dessert was plentiful, to put it mildly: pumpkin pie, cheesecake by Miriam, apple pie, cookies, berries, chestnuts ...

  20. After dinner, Jorge gets prone on the futon-couch.

  21. Marianne does the Mongolian Hat Dance (short video clip)

  22. Marianne playing around, pretending to be smoking (short video clip)

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: December 25, 2005